News24, 27 November 2002, Roadside HIV clinics for truckers

Pietermaritzburg - The first roadside clinic in KwaZulu-Natal was on Tuesday officially launched by the Provincial HIV/Aids Action Unit (PAAU) in conjunction with the departments of health and transport at the Tugela Truck Stop.

The clinic, sponsored by Imperial Logistics and Transport, has been operating since September and is the first of three clinics to be established in the province.

The learning clinic is the appointed project manager for HIV/Aids awareness education, primary healthcare, sexually transmitted infection (STI) treatment and condom distribution.

Both deputy president Jacob Zuma and the national department of health have endorsed this initiative.

In 2000, the concept was introduced aimed at reducing the spread of HIV among the transport industry's workforce. Roadside clinic facilities were set up, designed to offer HIV/Aids awareness education.

PAAU has employed a nurse and a lay counsellor to run the clinic. They will be available to provide treatment for STIs and offer counselling.

The clinic's opening times, from 17:00 until midnight, have been chosen to make access to the clinic easier for truckers and sex workers.