Independent On-line, 22 November 2002, Secret is the rubber down under

A new range of underwear with secret pockets for condoms, designed to assist in the fight against Aids, has just hit the market and is expected to be especially popular with young adults.

Men's briefs, ladies' panties and bras with secret pockets are now being sold at Pep Stores nationally.

The brains behind the unique underwear is Cape Town-based Aids campaigner, Dr Henni Nortje, who approached Pep Stores' MD Andre Labuschaigne with the idea.

Nortje's thinking was that someone ought to make underwear that will help the wearer have easy access to a condom.

"We found the idea very interesting and we know that our customers need to have condoms handy at all the times. We tested it and it was a huge success.

"The idea is for men and women to be more responsible by always keeping a condom on hand. It should help to promote the use of condoms," said Labuschaigne.

Asked for comment, Nortje said he was just being a concerned citizen who had acted out of his frustration of not understanding why most people didn't carry condoms. He said he had done a little research to find out where women put their valuables and found that they used their bras.

"It amused me, but the concept could apply to having a condom available at all times," he said.

He also urged other private doctors to be involved in the war against Aids.

Nortje and a group of doctors has recorded a song called Let Your Lover Use A Rubber which is also being played at Pep stores.