Independent Online, 01 November 2002, Durban's Aids council to unite city's efforts, By Kuben Chetty

An official HIV/Aids council at local government level would strengthen the fight against the epidemic in the unicity, Durban's mayor Obed Mlaba said on Thursday.

Mlaba said the city would need its own Aids council to co-ordinate Aids-related activities.

He stressed that it was time for all spheres of government, as well as non-governmental organisations and the business sector, to work together to beat the disease.

"We will be doing the same work that we have done, but we will be doing it more vigorously," Mlaba promised.

He said the council would tackle issues which were contributive factors to Aids.

"We can talk as much as we want to about Aids, but we must not be naive and forget that there are people who have the disease and who don't know where to eat or sleep."

Unicity councillor Sheila Masson, whose focus is on street children, said there were also many cases where Aids had affected families, and children in those families had become the head of the "Aids household".

The names of members of the Aids council will be announced on November 9.